Lymphedema Treatment

Lymphedema is a chronic condition resulting from a permanent obstruction of the lymphatic system. In short, people experiencing lymphedema experience chronic swelling/edema in an extremity and/or body part(s) that causes discomfort, difficulty using the extremity to its best ability, weakness, skin issues/infections and unnecessary heaviness of the body part(s).

Although lymphedema is often associated with swelling after cancer treatments, such as breast and throat cancer, it can also appear after other surgeries and/or injuries. In addition, some individuals may be more genetically predisposed to lymphedema, and may experience their first symptoms at birth, in adolescence or possibly not even until later in life, such as after the birth of a second child. For some individuals, the swelling may come on gradually or suddenly.

Should you be experiencing edema/symptoms of swelling, it is important to have your physician evaluate it right away. Lymphedema Therapy requires complex knowledge and skills to ensure the treatment is provided in a manner that is safe and effective for the client. Our clinic provides lymphedema services only by therapists who are certified in Lymphedema Therapy, designated by the credentials CLT (Certified Lymphedema Therapist). Our therapists will evaluate your symptoms and work with you to find a plan of care that will help alleviate your symptoms and teach you long-term prevention and management of your lymphedema. We use a combination of Manual Lymphatic Therapy (a specialized technique of helping the lymphatic fluid move around the area of obstruction), Therapeutic Activities and Exercises to help you regain strength, range-of-motion, and functional use of the affected body part, compression bandaging and compression garment fitting to maximize lymphedema reduction, Skin and nail care to reduce risk of infection and recurrence of lymphedema and personalized education and self-care, so that you can feel confident in managing and preventing lymphedema re-occurrence after therapy.

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