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Job Function Matching And Functional Capacity Assessment

The FCA is an objective, evidence based assessment to determine a worker’s overall abilities. DSI providers are interested in working with the client to get full, safe effort during all testing activities. Testing is performed in a one day or two day format, dependent on the case. After the testing, a clear, concise report is provided answering the referral questions objectively.

DSI Job Function Matching

The DSI Job Function Matching program developed by Dennis and Susan Isernhagen is used for injury prevention as well as facilitating an employee’s return to work following injury. 

Program Components include:

  • Job Function Analysis- including ergonomics, education and training.
  • Job Function Descriptions- measures & validates essential functions of the job.
  • Job Function Tests- used in post offer testing and return to work.
  • Job Function Match- compares the abilities of the worker to the job.
  • Functional Capacity Assessment- determines overall abilities. 

DSI and the Injured Worker

Using Job Function Matching following an injury will identify which tasks are safe in early return to work, and which will need to be eliminated or modified temporarily. Frequent monitoring and re-testing progresses the worker until full or maximum duty is achieved. This program emphasizes early intervention with a focus on returning the injured worker to his/her job. Work Conditioning programs can also be developed to assist the worker in returning to full duty. 

DSI and Injury Prevention

The DSI Job Function Matching system can assist employers in decreasing worker compensation costs by matching the employee’s abilities to the job. By evaluating the physical demands of the job and testing the employee to these demands, significant injury risks can be eliminated prior to the employee beginning work. Post Offer testing will assure that the employee is “fit” for the job. Ergonomic changes can also be made by comparing the Job Function Analysis with your injury records. 


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