Orthopedic Care at UP Health System - Bell

When people think of orthopedics, they often think of hip surgery or broken limbs that need to be fixed. While these are often what patients see an orthopedist for, the specialty offers so much more.

Orthopedics. What is it?

The orthopedic specialty encompasses the entire musculoskeletal system. Our bones, cartilage, muscles, tendons and ligaments all work together to offer our bodies stability, range of motion, and structure for our other bodily systems.

Whether by accident, overuse, or long-term wear and tear, breakdowns happen. Enter our orthopedic specialists.

Our orthopedic program helps patients heal and return to a quality of life with the support of other high-quality UP Health System - Bell services including Physical Therapy and Diagnostics. 


While evaluating pain levels, testing range of motion, and getting an accurate patient history are vital in knowing the extent of an injury, being able to “see” inside the body provides insight into the extent and severity of an injury. UP Health System - Bell radiology department touts some of the most advanced diagnostic equipment available. X-rays, MRIs, and ultrasounds are routinely ordered to offer accurate diagnosis. Other diagnostic tests that your physician may order can include blood tests and biopsies to count certain elements within a person’s body. For example, a blood test may be ordered to measure sedimentary calcium to determine the type of arthritis a patient has to better prescribe a course of action. 

Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation is an integral part of any injury or surgical recovery. Without a sufficient recovery program in place, your range of motion will be limited, and your recovery will be slow. Our rehab team works with our orthopaedists to prescribe a custom-fit rehab program to your individual needs.

And, of course, a truly beneficial recovery can only happen when the patient is an active participant in the care, recovery, rehabilitation, and long-term health of their musculoskeletal system.