Your Room


If you need assistance, simply press the nurse call button located on your TV remote.

The nurse call system includes an intercom which allows you to talk with the nurse’s station.


Family and friends can reach you by calling 486-4431 and asking for your room. You are free to make local calls by dialing 9 then the number.

To send/receive mail: Mail is delivered to patient rooms weekdays in the afternoon. You can give your stamped, outgoing mail to a nurse. It is helpful if you ask those sending mail to you to include your Unit name and room # in the address. 


Color TV is available. For a complete list of stations, contact your nurse. For the rest and welfare of our patients, the TV must be kept at a low volume.


If possible, patients are asked to bring an updated list of their medications (or containers) to the Hospital.


We recommend that you bring as few personal belongings and valuables as possible. The hospital cannot be responsible for valuables left in your room. A safe is available for you if needed. Please ask your nurse for further assistance regarding valuables.