Lights of Love

Lyn Sattler, Volunteer Services Supervisor (inset), reads the names in honor of loved ones at the Lights of Love ceremony at Bell Hospital on December 2, 2010.

Bell Hospital Auxiliary has hosted the "Lights of Love" program since 1998. This memorable event is a way to "honor" or "remember" a loved one. Lights or engraved ornaments may be purchased throughout the year. When you make your selection, you will receive a card enclosure that explains that you purchased a light or an ornament and that their loved one will be remembered again at the Lights of Love ceremony. This card enclosure is to be given to the family. The family will then receive an invitation to the event held in December.

During this gathering, all names will be read aloud. If a crystal or pewter ornament was purchased the family member will be asked to step forward, but will also be given an engraved brass tree ornament to be placed on the tree in the lobby. This brass ornament will remain on the Lights of Love Christmas tree every year. The pewter and crystal ornaments are given to the family as a keepsake. If a single or multiple lights is purchased, the loved one's name is read aloud and the tree is lit at the end of the ceremony.

Following the lighting of the tree, there is a fellowship in the Bell cafeteria including beverages and treats.

Lights of Love takes place the first Thursday in December at the Bell Hospital lobby - 6:30p.m.

If you would like to be a part of this year's Lights of Love, please download an Order Form here.