Standards of Excellence


Being accountable means that we take responsibility for our actions and words and we follow through on our commitments.  

As the standard is written, we show accountability by:  

  • Treating our customers as our first priority.
  • Being responsible to ensure that confidentiality is never compromised.
  • Following the Standards of Performance as well as hospital policies and helping our co-workers do the same.
  • Striving to get things right the first time.
  • Supporting the role and work of others.
  • Working diligently to fix problems immediately or being accountable to find someone who can.
  • Admitting mistakes and apologizing when needed; avoiding becoming defensive, blaming others or making excuses.
  • Respecting the time and talents of others by responding promptly, in a cordial manner, to requests, e-mails and voice-mails.

Everyone in this organization has responsibilities we are accountable for, and we depend on this for our successes as individuals, as departments, and as an organization. There are people around you practicing excellent accountability skills every day - don’t hesitate to recognize one of them today! 


Our professional appearance is a direct reflection of our care to our customers.  Our appearance does not only include how we look, but also how our work space looks.

When considering your own appearance, remember the following:

  • Wear ID badges that are easily read by our customers at all times.
  • Be responsible for maintaining an uncluttered, neat and safe workplace.
  • Make your department or work area a welcoming one.
  • Be responsible to pick up trash, report things promptly such as burned out lights, overflowing trash, broken items, spills, etc.
  • Follow the dress code to reinforce professionalism.
  • Ensure that our conduct, conversation and tone will only reflect positively on our organization.

Remember that our appearance is noticed by everyone - make yours worth noticing in a positive way, and recognize the efforts of others for their appearance! 


Our attitude is the first thing people notice about us, especially our customers and colleagues.  Our attitude is also the one thing about ourselves that we can control.   Attitudes are contagious, and a positive attitude is much better to spread around than a negative one!

Our standard for attitude reminds us of the following:

  • Recognize diversity, act respectfully, and appreciate that individuals are unique.
  • Confidently welcome all people with warmth and a smile.
  • Display a consistent, enthusiastic, pleasant disposition when interacting with patients, visitors and co-workers.
  • Make sure requests are met with timely, non-judgemental, compassionate responses.
  • Be focused at all  times and be dedicated and disciplined in our work

Look around you…You are surely surrounded by people who demonstrate positive attitudes in all situations.  Please recognize them today! 


Effective communication is the key to providing outstanding and safe care.

When interacting with others, remember the following:

  • Introduce ourselves to the customer and make eye contact.
  • Initially address customers formally and then ask how they would like to be addressed.
  • Listen respectfully, avoid interrupting, and respond thoughtfully.
  • Explain to customers what will be done, what to expect and why.  Always speak in terms they will understand.
  • Thank our customers for choosing Bell Hospital/Medical.
  • Follow Bell Hospital/Medical telephone etiquette.
  • Take any problems or issues directly to the person involved in a non-blaming, non-defensive manner with a potential, mutual solution in mind.
  • Voice work concerns behind closed doors (never in a public place) with your supervisor and be prepared to offer potential solutions.

It is crucial to practice the above communication strategies not only with customers, but with our colleagues as well.  Excellent communication skills require thoughtful effort on the part of all of us and are the key to ensuring excellent customer service and satisfaction.  Recognize one another for the excellent communication skills you demonstrate!


Customer service begins with courtesy… the way we approach our guests, their families, our physicians and fellow team members. Every encounter and interaction is our chance to show our dedication to customer service.

  • Make eye contact, smile and greet all individuals encountered.
  • Treat others as they are the most important person in our day.
  • Allow individuals with disabilities primary access in hallways.
  • Hold the door and allow the individual to enter first, when escorting patients or visitors.
  • Offer assistance to individuals who need help finding their destination and escort them if possible.
  • Knock before entering a room.
  • Anticipate and assure that patient and visitors needs are met.
  • Recognize, respect and respond to the diversity of our customers
  • Be attentive to customers' comments, body language and tone of voice and offer assistance; be considerate of their feelings by acknowledging any inconvenience.
  • Convey to customers genuine interest in assisting them and consider using phrases such as “I'm happy to help you” or “It's my pleasure.”

We are dedicated to providing an environment that is pleasant, welcoming, supportive and reassuring.  As a result, employees are expected to exercise the highest standard of courtesy when dealing with each other and customers.  Recognize someone for being courteous today!


We are all part of the Bell family because of the services we provide to our customers.  Quality is the foundation of our success.

By practicing the following behaviors, we can ensure excellent service to our customers:

  • Approach each encounter as an opportunity to exceed our customer’s expectations.
  • Anticipate customer’s needs before they ask, because they may not ask.
  • Treat everyone we encounter as a VIP.
  • Provide the same excellent customer service to our co-workers as we do our customers.
  • Always pay attention to detail.
  • Never make customers feel like they are inconveniencing us.
  • Ask our customer “Is there anything else I can do for you?”
  • Show our customers that we value their time by communicating frequently with them. Explain delays.
  •  Apologize whenever we do not meet a customer’s expectations and inform them of what improvements we will make to avoid future similar events.

Excellent customer service occurs in every department.  Recognize someone in your own department for excellent customer service today!


Every employee has the common goal of providing excellent customer service in all areas. We each contribute to the team approach of meeting the customer’s needs no matter what area we work in.

We can demonstrate our team work by:

  • Appreciating the roles of others and supporting our co-workers.
  • Understanding that statements can divide people into categories that are detrimental to teamwork.  
  • Remembering to refrain from gossip and negativity.
  • Respecting one another’s time by arriving at or prior to the start of a scheduled meeting.
  • Responding to requests positively with clear expectations of what we can do to help.
  • Recognizing that everyone is busy.
  • Being welcoming, supportive, and helpful to all new employees.
  • Celebrating each other’s accomplishments.
  • Remembering that any employee noticing a call light (or hearing a request for assistance) must offer immediate help within their qualifications, and then notify the appropriate person, if needed.

Our willingness to work together will be reflected in the quality of care we provide to our customers and to each other.  Don’t forget that each of us has a role in the success of our organization, and examples of excellent teamwork occur every day.  Recognize your colleagues for their teamwork today!